1. Project Description

and Marketing); Minister (Agriculture); Minister (Animal Husbandry); and the Chief Secretary, GoM are the members of this committee. The Principal Secretary (Cooperation and Marketing) is the Member Secretary of this committee. This committee will perform the role of an advisory body for the project. The project has also set up a Project Steering Committee (PSC) to review the progress of MACP at the state level and provide strategic direction, policy advice and resolve conflicts, if any, among participating departments. This committee will review the overall management and progress of the project every six months. The Chief Secretary, GOM, is the chairperson of this committee, which also includes the Principal Secretaries of Finance, Planning, Cooperation & Marketing and other participating departments as members.
 10. Coordination of day-to-day project implementation, planning and scheduling, procurement management, financial control, as well as reporting and monitoring will rest with the Project Coordination Unit (PCU). The PCU is headed by the Project Director (PD), with sufficient authority and seniority, reporting to the Principal Secretary in the Department of Cooperation and Marketing. PCU, PIU (MSAMB), PIU (Agriculture) and PIU (Animal Husbandry) will work under direct supervision and control of the Project Director of MACP. The PD, MACP will have all powers to visit, inspect and call for any information, reports regarding the project work from all the PIUs and the field officers of the concerned line departments implementing the project. The PCU will be responsible for: (i) Assisting the line departments in preparing their annual plans and budgets; (ii) Monitoring progress of project components, preparing quarterly progress reports, evaluating performance and providing feedback to line departments; (iii) Ensuring the financial reports are available, audited, and submitted to the World Bank within six months of closing the financial year; and (iv) Hiring technical experts, NGOs, and consultants as needed for project implementation, monitoring, and technical evaluation.
11. Three Project Implementing