10. Alternative Assurance Arrangements

1. The MACP Project involves the co-ordination of line departments viz. Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Marketing. The Period is 6 years.

  • There would be two mid term reviews at the end of the second and the fourth year of the project. However, besides these mandatory exercises, additional steps would be required to be undertaken.

  • During the project period a lot of infrastructure would be created. These infrastructures would necessarily mean undertaking of civil works and procurement of goods. To monitor the progress in the erection of such civil structures, a Market Field Engineers (MFEs) would be appointed. For the subcomponents Rural Haat and Product Aggregation, there will be a third party consultancy for review of FM, Procurement and physical verification of assets..

  • The supervisory consultants would have the necessary technical expertise to undertake periodic checks in the civil works. The report of such consultants would be sought by the District Officer of the concerned line department and the respective PIU. These reports would also form basis for the release of subsequent payments to the contractors. Further the shortcoming and difficulties experienced would enable the respective PIU to address the issue during the balance period of the project.

  • The PCU and PIU on its part would also conduct random checks on the activities undertaken within their department to ensure that the funds are utilised in accordance of its allocation in the project.

Governance and Accountability Action Plan
2. The main features of the Governance and Accountability Action Plan developed for the project are as follows:

  • Suo Moto disclosure of information related to the project on external websites including information on financial and physical progress, details of target beneficiaries under each component, details of Procurement Progress, details of targets and performance indicators and Complaint Management & Grievance Reporting  and Audited Financial Statements and External  Audit Reports.

  • Dedicated Grievance Redressing system at the district