12. Delegation of Financial Powers

1. The Principal Secretary (Cooperation and Marketing) will have full powers required for execution of the Project.
2. The exercise of the delegated powers in Table–I schedule shall be subject to the observance of these Regulations. These will be subject to the conditions that a specific budget provision exists for meeting the expenditure in the financial year in which it is proposed to be incurred.
3. The Project Director and PIU Head will exercise all the powers as given in Table–I.  If it is silent about any power, Project Director / PIU Head will enjoy powers of the Head of the Department of the State Government.
4. The powers delegated to a lower authority can be exercised by a higher authority.
5. Further detailed regulations and procedures will be laid down by the concerned authorities/specific committees as may be constituted under the project.
6. Unless otherwise decided by the Project Management Committee, in matters where detailed rules and procedures with regard to the incurring of expenditure are not laid down, World Bank rules and procedures will be followed.
7. Authority to which powers are delegated in the following tables I can be further delegated to lower Project Authorities.
8. Table I shows the delegation of  powers at each level for implementing the project activities. Table II shows the delegation of administrative powers at the PCU and the three PIUs under the project while Table III shows delegation of administrative powers at the district level.

Table I
 Delegation of Powers for the MACP


Civil Works




  • Approval of contractors for undertaking civil works above Rs. 50 lakhs

  • Office refurbishment

  • Telephone, Telex, Fax, Xerox, Computer, fixtures

  • Furnitures and fixtures

  • Procurement of Air Conditioners

  • Procurement D.G. set etc.

Appointment of SPs for the following  

  • M & E Consultant

  • MIS Consultant

  • ABPF Consultant

  • Procurement Training  Consultant