2. Fund Flow Under MACP

ATMA under Agriculture Department
9.   For the activities of ATMA under Agriculture Department, the Project Director, ATMA (DSAO) would release the cheques to the contractors for the following activities, viz. (i) Preparation of Marketing Strategy Supplements, (ii) Mobilization of farmers into CIGS / FIGS, (iii) Training of officers, (iv) Training of farmers / field extension functionaries /Agriculture Service Providers, (v) Demonstrations, (vi) Exposure visits, (vii) Innovative pilots, (viii) Buyers sellers meet (district level), (ix) Strengthening of growers’ association, (x) Procurement of computers  x)Payments for staff on contractual basis for the project
Activities of ATMA under Animal Husbandry Department (AHD)
10. For the activities of ATMA under Dept. of Animal Husbandry, the Project Director, ATMA (DSAO) will issue funds through core banking / issue a cheque  to DDO bank accounts of Deputy Commissioner AHD for the activities of training and demonstrations under AHD. This grant allotment will be based on the budget release order as mentioned above to carry out  the activities of AHD scheduled for that year as per the Annual Work Plan. The Deputy Commissioner AHD will use the same for activities as and when required. The activities of AHD under ATMA are as follows, viz. (i) Mobilization of  farmers and SR farmers into CIGs, (ii) Training of farmers from the area of LSM & SR markets, (iii) Demonstrations for animal management techniques and fodder production technology, (iv) Exposure visits to goat demonstration units / LSM markets.
Funds flow to VANAMATI
11. As far as the grants for the training institution VANAMATI is concerned, the DDO in the office of Commissioner Agriculture will draw funds through the BDS and submit bill to Treasury. After passing the bill, the treasury will transfer the funds through a system of Electronic Funds Transfer to VANAMATI’s bank account opened for the project purpose.
Grants to Horticulture Processing Training Institute, Aurangabad