2. Fund Flow Under MACP

(HPTI ):
12. HPTI is the institute of Agriculture Department which works under the control of Regional Joint Director Agriculture (RJDA), Aurangabad. Funds will be disbursed by the Commissioner, Agriculture under BDS to Regional Joint Director Agriculture, Aurangabad.  RJDA, Aurangabad will pay contractors of HPTI, Aurangabad through treasury. HPTI will submit accounts to RJDA, Aurangabad, who in turn will submit accounts to PIU Agriculture.       
Release of Funds to Training Institutions and Demonstrations based on standard rates prescribed
13. The release of funds for Training Institutions and demonstrations of ATMA will be based on standard unit costs prescribed for these activities as per the rates prescribed in PIP. Disbursement of funds to ATMA will be in the form of advances and in tranches on the basis of the work program to be undertaken. Each ATMA will have to submit quarterly Interim Un-audited Financial Reports (IUFR)in agreed formats to PIU- Agriculture within 15 days  of the end of quarter . The quarterly reports will have to be submitted for  the earlier tranche for the release of the next tranche of funds. The monitoring of this training program will be robust and will be carried out by M & E Specialist from VANAMATI with the help of field staff of line departments concerned.
Funds Flow to Co-operation & Marketing Department
14. The DDO in the office of Co-operation and Marketing Department  in Mantralaya will release grants in the form of cheque by submitting bill to Pay and Accounts Office to (i) PIU – Agri. Mktg, (ii) PCU – MACP, and (iii) MSWC. The “PCU-MACP Account” will be jointly operated by two signatories from either of the three : - the Project Director, Chief Finance Controller and Accounts Officer of PCU. From this account the following expenses of PCU will be incurred, viz. (i) expenses for ABPF, (ii) expenses for internal and external audit,