2. Fund Flow Under MACP

. Project’s/GoM’s share for the above activities will be redistributed1 by the Director of Marketing through BDS to the district level DDRCS office for payment of contractors / suppliers. On submission of the contractors’ invoice,  the DDRCS will release a pre-numbered receipt or give a sequential inward number after registering the invoice in the Inward Register of the DDRCS office, to the supplier / contractor. The payments for the Government share towards expenditures incurred on the above-mentioned activities will be released from the treasury, once  treasury bills are raised by the DDRC office. This would be done within seven working days after submission of  contractor’s/supplier’s  invoices which have been approved by the respective APMC chairperson,   designated Service Provider and Market Field Engineer of MSAMB based on terms of contract and physical progress. The amounts will be credited by the treasury directly in the bank account of concerned contractors, suppliers . the DDRCS would send the bills, in ‘grants in aid’ format as per prevalent practice in Government, to the treasury. After receiving the cheques, the DDRCS will deposit the same in the DDO’s account. The payments to the contractors will be done by the DDRCS by electronic transfer in the accounts of contractors.
Separate Bank Account for Beneficiary Contribution  from APMC:
The beneficiary share will be secured from the APMC, by way of the APMC depositing upfront,  before issue of the work order, atleast 1/3 amount of their own contribution and raising the rest of 2/3 amount by means of loans secured either through MSAMB or through a Nationalised Bank. For the purpose of safeguarding the interests of APMCs , the 1/3 money contributed  upfront would be deposited in seperate bank account with nationlised bank of DDRcs which will be preferably kept in Fixed  Deposits which could be liquidated  as and when required while making payments to contractors. The loan