2. Fund Flow Under MACP

  • release of further tranches can be made when 50% of the funds of earlier tranche have been spent. This request should be accompanied by the following documents

1) Utilisation Certificate of earlier tranche signed by the Chairman of the organisation and counter signed by SP.
2) Vouchers and bills of the spent amount
3) In case of forced account type of procurement (for civil works,) muster roll
4) Photograph of the work done
5) On the completion of work, a completion certificate signed by the Chairman and counter signed by the SP should be submitted by the beneficiary organisation to the DDRCS
Funds Flow to NIPHT
20. Funds required for training will be provided by cheque by PIU - AGRI. MKTG to NIPHT for the following activities.
i) Training and capacity building under Rural Haat Markets
 ii) Training and Capacity Building under Upgrading Livestock Yards
iii) Training and Capacity Building under Upgradation & Modernisation of Wholesale Markets
Funds flow to MSWC
21. MSWC, being an autonomous body and being outside the BDS system, the Drawing and Disbursing Officer in the DOCM will draw funds from the Treasury and issue cheques to MSWC. MSWC will also have a separate bank account named MSWC-MACP which will be operated by MSWC.  The expenses to be incurred from this account will be for (i) Repairs of MSWC godowns, (ii) Providing lab equipments in MSWC godowns, (iii) Connectivity with Commodity exchanges.
Funds flow to Animal Husbandry
22. The Animal Husbandry Department in Mantralaya will reallocate budgetary grants through the BDS to the office of Commissioner, Animal Husbandry. The budget  allocation order will specify the funds provided for activities to be implemented by the AHD under MACP. DDO from Commissioner AHD will draw funds as per BDS from treasury and expend for the following at PIU level. (i) Market Development Cell, (ii) Grants