3. Accounting Centres

by an Accountant with knowledge of Tally software.
8. The ATMA bank account will be jointly operated by the the Project Director ATMA (DSAO) and the Drawing and Disbursing Officer in his office. ATMA would release the cheques to the contractor for the following activities.

  • Training of farmers

  • Demonstration

  • Exposure visits

  • Innovative pilots

  • Buyers sellers meets

  • Salary of staff hired on contractual basis for the project

Activities of ATMA under Animal Husbandry Department
9. For the activities of ATMA  under Animal Husbandry Department, the Project Director ATMA (DSAO) will issue a cheque to Dy. Comm. AHD for the activities of training and demonstration under AHD. The first tranche of funds  will be released based on planned activities for the first six months as per the approved Annual Work Plan. . Thereafter funds will be released based on six monthly requirements as per approved Annual Work Plan and funds expended in the earlier quarter as reported in the quarterly IUFRs. All project related vouchers should be filed chronologically in a separate file named MACP. For the activities of Animal Husbandry under ATMA, the Dy. Comm. AHD will submit the details of expenses incurred along with the supporting vouchers to the ATMA office for preparing monthly accounts and ATMA in turn will consolidate the accounts for activities under Agriculture as well as Animal Husbandry to submit quarterly IUFRs to PIU-Agriculture.
10. The activities under AHD are

  • Mobilization of farmers and SR farmers into CIGs

  • Training of farmers from the area of LSM and SR markets

  • Fodder production technology demonstration.

  • Formation / demonstration of units of goat as a high value enterprise.

  • Demonstration for animal management techniques

  • Exposure visits to goat demonstration units

11. The accounting centre of ATMA, though based in the office of DSAO itself, will have a separate identity than the Accounts Section of the DSAO office and will be staffed by