3. Accounting Centres

the expenses incurred by PIU.   PIU  AGRI. MKTG will consolidate the quarterly IUFRs submitted by the following accounting centre under it. a) details of expenses incurred from the beneficiary contribution account at DDRCS level. b) MSWC c)  Workshop in preparation of HMIP under Rural Haat Markets d) Workshop on preparation  on MMIP under Modernising Wholesale Markets

 Accounting Centre at   NIPHT 
17. NIPHT is considered as accounting centre. Funds required for training will be provided by cheque by PIU - AGRI. MKTG to NIPHT for the following activites. NIPHT will maintain accounts for funds received and expenses incurred.

  • Training and capacity building under Rural Haat Markets

  • Training and Capacity Building under Upgrading Livestock Yards

  • Training and Capacity Building under Upgradatation & Modernisation of Wholesale Markets

 Accounting Centre at DDRC level
18. The DDO at the DDRC office will maintain the books of accounts for expenditures incurred through treasury out of  funds allotted through BDS from the office of Director of Marketing. The DDO shall submit monthly accounts to the Director of Marketing in the form of MES, who in turn will consolidate them for the whole State and reconcile these consolidated accounts with AG (A&E). For the beneficiary contribution part , quarterly IUFRs would be submitted by the DDRCS to  PIU - AGRI. MKTG
Grants release to APMCs
19. For the payments to be made to contractors and suppliers of APMCs, the DDRCS will make payments to contractors directly through treasury for payments against budgetary grants. However for the payments  to be made to contractors/suppliers of APMCs from the Beneficiary Contribution Account which has been opened at the DDRCS level, payments will be made by issuing a cheque to the contractor by joint signatures of DDRCS and the Drawing and Disbursing Officer in his office, subject to the recommendation  of Chairman of  the  concerned APMC accompanied