A. 3 Market Information Services


I. Objectives

1.   There  is a  need  for  improvement  in agricultural  marketing  system  by adopting  systematic approach and latest technology like Information Technology, for collection and dissemination of Market Information and Intelligence. One of the reasons for lack of returns in agriculture is traditional way of marketing through middlemen and absence of awareness about market information and intelligence. The other reasons are unscientific and inadequate crop planning, crop husbandry, post harvest management  and inadequate alternative marketing channels. At present,  APMCs  are  able  to  disseminate  only  price  information  to  the  farmers  related  to respective  market  area  only.  The  scope  and  coverage  of  market  information  dissemination needs to be expanded. Some interventions for the same are proposed under this subcomponent. The main objectives of this subcomponent are: (i) dissemination of market information without the limit of geographical boundaries. Information from markets in India as well as from International markets will be made available, (ii) Apart from price data, information on Weather forecast, Crop advice, Use of fertilizers & pesticides, and Agricultural technology will be made available, (iii) The Market Information Services will provide analysis of information and trends in prices, demand on continual basis.

2.   This subcomponent is proposed to achieve the following:

i)   Web based Project Management  Information  System (PMIS): for effective monitoring & evaluation of the Project.

ii)   Integrated   Project   Portal   (IPP)   (enhancement   of   MSAMB   website):   for   providing information about Project activities, PCU, PIUs, Implementing Agencies, Project progress, Market  Information  and  Intelligence,  market  opportunities  (commodity  profiles),  stake holders and technical information from various line departments at single point access.

iii)   Web   based   Geographical   Information   System   (GIS):   for   providing   realistic   spatial information like distance between two markets, their production area, major infrastructure available at APMCs, market arrivals and prices of agriculture commodities.

iv)   SMS Service: The dissemination of price information, weather forecast, market news and technical