A. 4 Livestock Support Services

I. Objectives

1.  Twenty  Live  Stock  Markets  (LSMs)  and  4  Small  Ruminants   (SR)  Markets  would  be strengthened under the Project. Such markets need marketable surplus and market development. This would be achieved as follows–

(i)  Marketable  surplus  through  sustainable  and  rapid  growth  and  development  of livestock sector can be ensured if due attention is paid to providing extension support to live stock farmers. At present extension manpower with Animal Husbandry Department is inadequate. The Shortcoming could be addressed by functioning of lady link workers in this sphere.

(ii) Similarly  Small Ruminant  Farmers are spread  across and are not able to improve  their financial status in isolation. However if such farmers are brought together in a group and trained for the healthcare of the animals their problems would be better addressed, creating healthy marketable surplus.

(iii) Consumption  of Meat  in Metropolitan  cities has increased  tremendously.  However  the trade of such meat does not take place in good hygienic conditions. Considering the huge demand for consumption of meat, a study of meat trade in Pune will deal with issues of setting of modern slaughter house, ensuring future demand for livestock and value added products.

(iv) Unlike for agricultural crops, database for livestock is not available. Considering the huge production and trading of livestock there is an imperative need to collect and compile such data for its dissemination. Dissemination of market information through a specialized cell is therefore proposed under this component.

II. Outcome and Output Monitoring Indicators:

Sr. No.




Sustainable    and    rapid    growth   and development of livestock marketing.

% increase in number of livestock arrivals in the market.

2.   The outcomes and output monitoring indicators are as follows:

Sr. No.




Village level lady link worker


·  Increase number of SR population in a cluster.

%  population  increase  in  a  cluster  on  and above background