5. Budgetary Control

department wise provision will then be considered by the Planning and Finance Department, with the concurrence of DOCM. The consolidated budget for the project will then be placed before legislature for approval. In the State budget document the entire budget for MACP will be shown as a separate item under the budget of DOCM with a appropriate break up After approval of the budget by the State Government, the Dept. of Planning & Finance, GOM will allocate provisions as per the budget to the Department of Cooperation and Marketing. 
5. Once the budget is approved by the State Government, the DOCM will allocate provisions as per the budget to the respective line departments. The budget allocation orders will give detailed break ups of district-wise provisions under each activity.  The copies of the Budget allocation order will be given to the Secretaries of line Departments, PCU and PIU. The Department Secretaries will in turn allocate it to the District Offices of all concerned line departments through their respective controlling officers.  This order will also be published on the website of MSAMB.
6.   The time table for preparation of budget estimates at each level and its submission to the higher level is given below. 

No. Level Budget send to Latest Date
1. Accounting ​centre at District  level PIU 30th Aug
2. PIU PCU / Respective Mantralaya department 15thSept
3. PCU Co-operation & Marketing  Department 15th Oct
4. PCU World Bank November 30

Cash Flow and Budget Release
7.   In accordance with the prevalent BDS system in the State, Cash Flow which is a part of the BDS should be prepared by all the accounting centres, the PIUs and the PCU before the beginning of the financial year. This cash flow which would be according to the approved budget plan would reflect the component wise, month wise expenses of