A.1 Market-Led Agricultural Technology Transfer

and farmers.

     7. This component will facilitate intensification and diversification of production by:

  •   making extension and adaptive research more relevant and accessible to farmers;
  •      encouraging  the  introduction  and  adoption  of  more  effective  agricultural  production systems;
  •     reducing the risk associated with change, especially for small operators; and
  •     focusing on marketing extension.

8. This will be primarily addressed by mainstreaming ATMA activities, and improving the ATMA focus on market-led extension. The scope of Strategic Research and Extension Plans (SREPs) prepared under the centrally sponsored scheme will be enlarged to cover marketing extension and marketing related activities. Since the SREPs for most of the districts have recently been prepared, for each district a Marketing Strategy Supplement (MSS) will be prepared which will supplement the agricultural production enhancing aspects covered under the SREPs.

9. The project component A seeks to focus on the strengthening ATMA programme to facilitate market-led extension. This will call for reorientation of the extension functionaries to focus on improved productivity, quality, market information and improved methods of marketing based on the updated market information and intelligence. This renewed focus on ATMA extension system  would  necessitate  strengthening  ATMA  by institution  and  operation,  making  them vibrant and efficient to face the emerging challenges in agricultural production, marketing and agri-business.

10.The focus would be on ways and means for developing and strengthening  interdepartmental linkages to support not only Farmers Common Service centres (FCSC) but also for providing support to the farmers in all the   districts to achieve increased income from their land based occupations  involving  crops,  horticulture  and   livestock.  The effort  would be to implement ATMA programme as an integrated,  demand-led and farmer-centered  programme of all line departments with special focus on marketing extension in all the districts of the state.

11. The SREPs  for all the districts  in Maharashtra  have  recently been prepared  and  cover  the production aspects