A1.2 Preparation & Implementation of Production And Marketing Strategies

 based  in the  VANAMATI  Nagpur  who  would  be  trained  and  oriented  in the concepts  and  procedures  of  preparing  MSS  and  market-led  extension  at  the  MANAGE, Hyderabad. They would become resource persons to guide, mentor and facilitate district teams to prepare MSSs.

4.   Preparation of MSS in each district would follow following steps in logical sequence

  •     Step I: Orientation of District Core Team
  •     Step II: Training of AES team
  •    Step III: Data collection, and data analysis and, identification and prioritization of research and market led  extension  issues
  •   Step IV:   Developing strategies for market led extension and focusing issues, developing outline /framework for MSS on the basis of the project  thrust area
  •     Step V: Developing activity schedule and approval of MSS by ATMA

The activities under component B will be kept in view and linkages will be developed with the same for improving the markets.

5.   The process of preparing MSS will be led by the Agricultural Marketing Expert in the ATMA and would involve the district level officers of all line departments. The district core team after getting training from expert team at VANAMATI would train AES teams involving taluka level officers  of  all  line  departments  in  data  collection  and  data  analysis.  The  development  of strategies, activity schedule would be carried out by the district core team, under the guidance of state level facilitators. The preparation of MSS would be closely monitored by the PIU of the line departments. Necessary guidance and assistance would be provided to the districts from state level. The process of preparation of MSS of all the districts will start as soon as possible. The MSSs of 10, 11 and 12 districts would be completed during the first, second and third phase of the project respectively.  The expenditure would be incurred on TA/DA, stationery, hiring of vehicles and other operational costs. The provision for