A1.2 Preparation & Implementation of Production And Marketing Strategies

this activity will be made to respective ATMAs.

6.   The SREP and MSS documents will act as a template for setting a direction towards market-led extension and agricultural productivity enhancing activities in the district. Further, these will facilitate resource allocation across programme areas. The MSS and SREPs, therefore, would become the basic documents for the development of work plans at village, block and district level. The objective  is not to duplicate  what  is already being supported  under the centrally sponsored  ATMA (extension reforms) and other schemes, but to fill critical gaps in the on- going schemes with special focus on market-led extension. This will help in making efficient use of the public funds provided by the GOI and GOM, including ‘Support to State Extension Programme for Extension Reforms’, ‘National Agricultural Development Plan’ and ‘National Food Security Mission’.

7.   The Block Technology Team (BTT) members of the project areas would identify the activities of SREPs and MSSs which are relevant to their Taluka. These will act as guiding principle for identifying activities for preparing the Block Action Plans which will be combined to prepare District  Annual Action Plan.  The BTT  and FIAC members  shall take following  issues into consideration for preparing the Block Action Plan:

  •    Extension activities identified in SREPs and MSSs
  •    Group demand as identified by FIAC members
  •    Ongoing scheme activities for dovetailing with MACP activities
  •    Success stories identified for replication

8.   The SREP and MSS of each district would give description of the strategy to be followed for improving competitiveness of agriculture in a particular district. The specific activities coming from  SREP  and MSS would  vary from  district  to district.  Although  the SREPs  for  all the districts have been prepared, the MSSs will be prepared after the project becomes effective. The execution of extension programme would naturally differ from district to district as it has to take