A1.2 Preparation & Implementation of Production And Marketing Strategies

into account the needs and priorities of the local communities as reflected in the SREP and MSS.

B) Training:

9.   All trainings for line department staff and farmers will be specifically targeted at the catchment areas of the APMCs, Rural Haats, FCSCs and other markets and marketing channels being set up under Component B of the project. The various trainings like training of officers, training of field extension functionaries and training of farmers would be undertaken in catchment area of the activities under Component B. Similarly the other programs of market led extension and capacit y building like crop demonstration with field days, demonstrations on organic farming, demonstration  on post harvest management  technology,  demonstration  of fodder production, demonstration cum production units for goat as a high value enterprise would be implemented in the catchment  areas of the programs under Component  B. For this purpose ATMA shall prepare the yearly plan for the district showing interface between the beneficiaries falling in the catchment area of programs of Component B and the programs of capacity building proposed under Component A. The farmers falling in the area of Component B activities like APMCs, Rural Haats, Live Stock Markets, FCSCs (Grain, Horticulture) will be identified which could be individual farmers / PGs / PAs. For capacity building, training programs, the same farmers, PGs / PAs will be involved in the programs of demonstrations,  exposure visits depending on the locations of the farmers falling in a particular project intervention area.

a)   Training of Line Department Staff:

10. Training of officers: The training of officers is important as they have to act as resource persons to  impart  training  to  the  field  extension  functionaries  who  are directly  in contact  with the farmers. The officers will need to be trained not only in productivity and quality improvement but also in different aspects of marketing and post-harvest  management.  The