A1.2 Preparation & Implementation of Production And Marketing Strategies

of field extension functionaries is ver y important  to disseminate  the project  theme to the farmers.  The project  would  succeed  only when farmers  are motivated  to adopt productivity  and quality improvement  techniques  and market-led  production  practices.  This  would  be possible  if the  field  extension  workers  are competent in resource management and efficient production, marketing and post-harvest management technologies and practices. The importance of up-gradation of knowledge base of village extension functionaries cannot be over emphasized. The village extension functionaries from different  line departments  would  be trained  in market  led  extension,  productivity  and quality  improvement  as  well  as  marketing  techniques  at  respective  departmental  training institutes.

14.  The  field  extension  functionaries  of  all  line  departments  have  a  definite  role  to  play  in technology and knowledge transfer to the farmers so as to effectively link the farmers to the project activities. The emphasis of training would be on the project 1inked commodities and also on the potential existing in the areas of their operations.  The officers trained under the project would act as trainers to field extension functionaries.  Trainings will be conducted  at Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs), Poly Clinics and RAMETIs. The field extension functionaries linked with project activities would be selected to undergo this training which will be structured one to serve the purpose  of effective  knowledge  transfer to the farmers linked  with project activities of respective line departments. The training cost would involve expenditure on accommodation, food, training material, stationery, honorarium of trainers, field visits.

b) Mobilization and Training of Farmers:

15. Mobilization  and  Training  of  farmers  and  Producer  Organizations:    The  benefits  of  group working around a commodity or service are apparent. The farmers and farm women would need to be grouped based on their own interest into CIG / FIG / PG.   These groups will be actual beneficiary of different components under ATMA model.  The group functioning is always cost effective and