A1.2 Preparation & Implementation of Production And Marketing Strategies

profitable than individual operation.  The farmers in the project area would be mobilized to form PG / CIG / FIG through Service Providers (NGOs). The skill up gradation and exposure of PG /CIG in the respective production and marketing fields is equally important. This would enable such groups to pursue the identified commercial activity in a cost effective and efficient manner. Both the activities of mobilization of farmers into PGs and their skill up- gradation would be carried out by experienced  and technically competent SPs (NGOs) in all project districts. The selection of SP (NGO) for formation of CIGs / FIGs / PGs would be done centrally by respective PIU of line department.

16. The number of FIGs / PGs / CIGs estimated to be formed under the project in catchment area of Component  B would be: Agriculture Department  (including crops and horticulture): 6000 & Animal Husbandry: 700. In addition, the CIG /FIG would be formed in APMC Market or other selected  marketing  intervention  locations  and  would  be  linked  to  Farmer  Common  Service Centers  set  up  under  Component  B.  These  FIGs  /  PGs  /  CIGs  belonging  to  Agriculture Department will subsequently undertake appropriate production, post-harvest management and marketing activities.  The FIGs / PGs / CIGs promoted under Animal husbandry sector will be linked to Livestock markets and Small Ruminant Markets under Component B.

c)   Trainings   directly   related   to   market   improvement   activities   proposed   under

Component B:

17. The farmers should be better able to attune their production to changes in demand and to take advantage of new and alterative marketing channels being provided under the project as well as the potential of new production technologies. A range of interventions are planned to strengthen the marketing infrastructure under Component B. Some interventions seek to create alternative marketing channel while others aim of strengthening the existing agri-marketing infrastructure. The  farmers  linked  to  these  project