A1.2 Preparation & Implementation of Production And Marketing Strategies

entities would be provided in the field of agribusiness and agro processing which would provide value addition to the produce. Training would  be  provided  in  the  area  e.g.  sericulture,  nursery  management,  fruit  and  vegetable processing,   bee   keeping,   horticulture   including   flowers   arrangement,   seed   production, agricultural machinery repairs and maintenance, packing of agricultural produce, pulses processing, flour mill, vermicomposting,  paddy processing,  cashew nut   processing, etc. The trainees would be selected from the catchment areas of various interventions proposed under Component  ‘B’.  These  will be drawn mainly  from  the PGs  / CIGs  / FIGs  for agricultural productivity improvement and for formation for FCSC formation of grains and horticulture. The duration of training, charges for the various trainings as well as the course content would be different for each activity. A Service Provider for this purpose would be selected. The SP would prepare the course content, duration of training, charges for the training, the identification of institution  where such trainings  would be provided.   Training would be imparted  to 10,000 people for various activities in 500 batches of 20 each.

ii) Training of Village Lady Livestock Link Workers (VLLWs):

23. The extension work that is performed  in the AHD is conducted by such personnel who are saddled with the responsibilities of disseminating information pertaining to various government schemes. Considering the magnitude of operation to be carried out under AHD in the project, the existing staff of the AHD would be inadequate. In order to establish a live and continuing livestock extension constituency in the villages with links to AHD, training of VLLWs would be conducted who would perform the extension work required under the project. The details of the same have been given in Chapter A.4. The cost includes cost of vaccination kits and other material to be supplied to VLLW. The cost estimates of these sub-components are given in cost tables of AHD.

B. Exposure