A.2 Agri Business Promotion Facility (ABPF)

in the emergence of a process to enable APMC and agribusiness in accessing GoI marketing  grants  (.e.g.  guidelines  trainings,  support  services  provided  by MSAMB  in applications etc)

16. The role of Financial and Policy Advisor is to:

i)      act as an advisor to the project on issues around the policy impacts on agribusiness and farmers, and as an interface between the financial sector and the project;

ii)     create a role as a point of contact and conduit for information and networking between the agribusiness and trading sector, their associations (i.e. CCI, MCCIA and FICCI, and the financial sector, the project, the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board and the zonal offices, so that policy and trading and farming needs can be better tuned with one another;

iii)    commission  studies  on key policy issues  and new financial  instruments  so that policy decisions can be fact based;

iv)    create a role as an interlocutor between the Financial sector, the project and government;

v)     understand  the modus operandi of the financial institutions,  the new financial products and loaning criteria  that are emerging;

vi)    encourage the financial sector to understand the financial needs of the agri-business and trading sector and seek to increase the access of finance;

vii)   facilitate trainings by the financial sector to the agribusiness and trading sector;

viii)  provide a commentary on policy and regulations, and on the different financial institutions and their products on the project web;

ix)    sensitize  the  financial  sector  to  new  business  models,  investment  opportunities  and potential alternative and  newer financial products that will benefit the farming and agri- business and trading sector;

x)     ensure that an understating  of financial products and institutions  is well understood by project staff and particularly by ATMA agri-business   advisors so that they can advise their clients accordingly.

The junior  agricultural  economist  will carry out research and information  gathering  for the Agribusiness and Market Advisor