A.2 Agri Business Promotion Facility (ABPF)

and the Policy and Financial advisor and act as alternates on their behalf.

17. The role of the Zonal Office will be to:

i)      work closely with the 11, or so, ATMA agribusiness advisors working in their respective zone, providing trainings, information, advice, convening seminars and acting as a two way conduit for information between field staff and the ABPF HQ and PCU staff;

ii)    conduct training programs for the manpower involved in management of various infrastructures proposed to be created under MACP’s component B.  This training will be mainly business related and in management areas to suit the requirement of the operations and management of various infrastructures created under the project. The consultants at head  office  and  zonal  office  will  have  to  develop  need  based  training  module,  draw training plan and conduct these training programs.

iii)    act as a conduit for the exchange of information between the project, HQ and field staff, especially the Agri-business advisors, and the agribusiness community, and convene meetings/trainings between ATMA agri-business advisors so that best practices and field lessons are exchanged;

iv)    assist ATMA agribusiness advisors in carrying out local area resources audit/ information gathering exercises and that this information is forwarded for inclusion onto the MSAMB web site;

v)     to  network   with  the   local   agri-business   community,   their   trade   and   professional associations   so that business opportunities  and marketing linkages can be fed into the project network;

vi)    to  organize,  in  conjunction  with  the  local  agri-business  community,  their  trade  and professional  associations  a  number  of  seminars,  workshops  and  buyer:  seller  meets annually and ensure that the information and training provided is relevant and responds to the needs of the local agribusiness and trading community.

vii)   to approve the business plan prepared by PA for FCSC.

B. Studies:

(i) Consultancy for study of Value Chains:

18. The contract will be put out to bid for