TechnoServe India wishes to thank all the community members across the project locations for their time, participation in the study and cooperation in providing valuable information. The team also wishes to thank the local administration, farmers’ cooperatives, women’s groups and officials of the line departments, APMCs and local MSAMB officials who helped in information collection and coordination for the fieldwork.
The study would not have been possible with out the support of the MSAMB team. We would like to specifically thank Dr R Kharche, Consultant cum Project Director for MACP in the State for regular advice and support.
TechnoServe would like to acknowledge the support provided by Dr S. K. Goel, Principal Secretary (Cooperation and Marketing), Government of Maharashtra; whose insightful feedback and suggestions were instrumental in improving the analysis for the study.
Finally, we would like to thank the World Bank team, specifically, Mr Mohammed Hasan, Senior Social Development Specialist and Mr. Anupam Joshi Environment Specialist whose inputs and counsel were very helpful in designing the study tools, fieldwork and analysis.