Annexure 20-A

Eligible Expenditure Claimed
(F) = (B) – (C) – ( D) – (E)





World Bank share @ 90% of (F) above 




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  1. Total expenditure made during the year (B above) must be the same as the Total Expenditures shown  on the Statement of Sources and Application of Funds( D on the Statement of Sources and Applications of Funds)

  2. Outstanding AB Bills (C above) reflect funds drawn against AC bills that have been booked as expenditure but not settled by the end of the year (i.e unsettled advance). The project should show in Schedule II the opening balance of unsettled AC bills, drawn  during the year, AC bills settled during the year, and AC bills unsettled at the end of the year.

  3. Expenditure not claimed (E above) may reflect timing difference for eligible expenditure incurred during the year but claimed after the year end.

  4. Amount A and G above must be equal.