Annexure 23

would be undertaken in three phases with 10, 11 and 12 districts in phase I, II and III respectively. The   Project involves the fund flow to three line departments and autonomous bodies. The three line departments involved are Agriculture, Co-operation & Marketing and Animal Husbandry. The Co-operation and Marketing Department is the Nodal Department. The autonomous bodies involved are :

  1. MSAMB – Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board – Nodal Agency for the project. (under Co-operation and Marketing Department)

  2. MSWC – Maharashtra State Warehousing Corporation (under Co-operation and Marketing Department)
  3. 33 ATMAs in the State (under Agriculture Department)
  4. Other training institutions

            VANAMATI &          NIPHT (under MSAMB)
The Finance Department of the GoM will initially provide budgetary grants to Co-operation and Marketing Department which will further reallocate the funds to Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department.
As the funds received and expenses incurred are on large scale, timely accounting and auditing of the funds is a challenge.. The external audit of the accounts relating to the funds received in MACP through BDS will be conducted by Accountant General Audit, Maharashtra (AG). Likewise the MACP project accounts of MSWC will also be audited by the A.G. The unaudited financial statements of the expenditures incurred by the departments under the project will be submitted to the C&AG latest by June 30 th which will provide three months to CAG to undertake audit. Following this, in case if the C&AG is unable to submit the audit report by due date (i.e. September 30 th), the project may, after seeking confirmations as may be required under the laws of the land, assign the audit of the departmental expenditures to a private chartered accountant firm which is independent and acceptable to IDA. The external audit of MACP accounts of agencies having bank accounts outside the treasury system such as MSAMB, ATMA, VANMATI, and NIPHT as well as