Annexure 23

year end and of resources and expenditure for the year ended on that date. 
f)   The auditor should ensure the efficiency and timeliness of the funds flow mechanism at the State and District level and whether there are delays which could impact the timely implementation of project.
g)   The auditor should ensure all external funds received under the project have been used in accordance with the financing agreements, with due attention to economy, efficiency and effectiveness, and only for the purposes for which the financing was provided;
h)   The auditor should ensure that all Beneficiary Contributions, deposited in separate bank account at District level are maintained as per the  terms and conditions stated in the financial  manual.
i)    All necessary supporting documents, records, and accounts have been kept in respect of all project activities and that clear linkages exist between accounting records, accounts books and the periodic financial reports from District level accounting sectors of PIUs & PCU 
j)    Clear linkages exist between the accounting records including accounts books, and the Project Financial Statements.
k )  The external  auditor should ensure that the adequate records are maintained regarding the assets created and assets acquired by the project, including details of cost, identification and location of assets. Carry out physical verification of a sample of assets created out of the project and comment on its utilization .The external auditor should check as to whether the terms and conditions of contract of building new infrastructure have been adhered to with respect to time and money
l)    The auditor is expected to obtain and satisfactorily document sufficient audit evidence to support audit conclusions and coverage of the Audit.
m)        Whether the accounts of the non-BDS units are incorporated in a timely manner at the PCU level. Exceptions should be reported
n)   Bank reconciliations have been carried out on a monthly basis.