Annexure 24

Annexure 24
Draft ToR for hiring Internal Auditor in Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project

1) Background:      
The Government of Maharashtra through Government of India has applied for a loan from International Development Association for implementation of Maharashtra Agricultural competitiveness Project.
The Project Development objective of the Maharashtra Agriculture Competitiveness Project (MACP) is to increase Agricultural Productivity and Marketable surplus as well as support competitive marketing arrangements resulting in increased farmer access to market opportunities. The objectives will be achieved through (i) Intensification and diversification of market lead production; (ii) Improving Farmer access to Markets by Promoting alternative Markets and Modernizing existing APMC and (iii) project coordination and management.
1.   Intensification and diversification of market lead production: by providing market led agriculture technology transfer to improve productivity and quality production and market information and marketing intelligence, agribusiness opportunities through agribusiness development facility and livestock improvement through livestock support services.
   Improving Farmer access to Markets by Promoting alternative Markets and Modernizing existing APMC: by promoting alternative marketing systems involving farmers in the formation of producer groups, their associations, developing there Farmers Common Service Centre (FCSC), introducing E-Marketing platform with the help of commodity exchanges, by producing warehouse receipt financing to overcome price risk and to provide moderate improvement in Rural Haats. Besides modernization of selected APMCs and Livestock Markets.
3.   Project management: would help to ensure effective project management at the state and district levels, and support information and logistics, communications, project related consultancies and monitoring and evaluation
2) Overview:
The duration of project is six years and cost of project is Rs 703.95 crores. The funds contribution for project by World Bank through Central Govt. is 65.5% of total fund, the State Government contributes 7.3% and beneficiary contribution 27.1% of the total.
The project would be implemented across the whole State. However the implementation would be undertaken