Annexure 26

Annexure 26 – Final Account Bill*  format for payment to Contractors

Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP) Pune.

(For contractors and suppliers this form provides only for payments for work or supplies actually measured.)


MACP Office Pune/APMC/Rural Haat……

1)        The full name of the work as given in the  estimate should be entered against the line 'Name


Final  Bill-C





of work' except in the case of bills for 'Stock materials.'


Cash Book Voucher No.                    For the

2)        The purpose of supply applicable to the case  should be filled in and the rest scored out.


Month of  ………….201….



3)        If the outlay on the work is recorded by sub-heads the total for each sub-head should be shown


Name of Contractor or Supplier



in column 5 and against this total there should be an entry in column 6 also in or other case should any entries be made in column 6.


Name of  Work













4)        The figure against (k) should be tested to see that it agrees with the total of items 4 and 5.


Purpose of Supply



5)        If the net amount to be paid is less than Rs. 10,  it can not be included in cheque. The payment


Serial No. of this bill



should be made in cash. If the pay order needs to be altered suitably, the alteration be attested by dated initials.


No. and date of last Bill for this work



6)        The payees acknowledgment should be for the gross amount paid as per item 5 (i.e. a + b + c)





7)Payment should be attested by some known person when the payee's acknowledgment is given by a mark seals