B1 Promoting Alternative Markets


1.   The Agricultural  Produce Market Committees  are the regulated  markets in the State for the trade of agricultural produce. The farmer in the State has been selling the agricultural produce in  these  markets.  However,  to  enable  the  farmer  to  fetch  better  price  for  the  agricultural produce, it is necessary to improve the farmers’ access to the markets. This could be achieved by:  i) formation  of farmers  groups  which will  perform  the  activity of aggregation  of their produce, ii) value addition to the produce, iii) warehouse receipts development,  iv) selling of produce at the rural haats, and, v) providing e- marketing platforms for trade of agricultural produce.

2.   It is proposed to establish the Farmers Common Services Centers (FCSCs) by bringing farmers together in the form of voluntary group of about 12 to 19 active farmers and federating 15 to 20 groups  into Producers  Association  (PA). There  are more than 2,00,000  groups of farmers / women in the State in the form of Commodity Interest Groups (CIGs), Farmers Interest Groups (FIGs), Producers Groups (PGs). The existing groups from the above that are functioning, as well as the new farmers groups formed under the project, will be performing the activity of aggregation of the their produce under an entity of Farmers Common Service Centre (FCSC) and they will also undertake marketing of Agri. inputs to the farmers. These FCSCs will be functioning on behalf of the member farmers and will strive to undertake activities of providing input marketing for the  production of agricultural produce which will result in an added value to the farmers produce. The limitations of individual farmer with regard to the marketing of the agri. produce will be also taken care by these FCSCs.

3.   The  FCSCs  to  be  formed  in the  project  will be  primarily  of  two  types,  i) FCSCs  for the foodgrains and ii) FCSCs