B1.2 Warehouse Receipts Development

 for  the  post implementation operation & maintenance of the facilities established under this Project.

vii)      MSWC being a statutory corporation making profit, the operations and management of the warehouses after project period will also be done by MSWC itself. One warehouse of 2000 MT capacity will generate an income of about Rs. 12.00 Lakh in a period of 3 months (Rs. 600/- per MT storage charges payable to MSWC). There will be 2 seasons of produce and therefore the estimated income for a period of 6 months can be taken for evaluating the sustainability of the activity. Presuming that 50% of the income will be spent  on O&M,  the  balance  50%  makes  the  investment  sustainable.  The  additional income generated from this activity will make the infrastructure sustainable.