B1.2 Warehouse Receipts Development

the Union Bank of India has made the arrangements with the local branch of other bank.

IV. Selection Criteria

9. Forty warehouses of MSWC have been selected on the following basis:

i)   The godown is located on the main road and is easily accessible by all weather roads.

ii)  It has suitable arrangements for electricit y, telephone, and connectivity.

iii) The godown is in the area where there is concentration of production of food grains, oil seeds and pulses.

iv) MSWC staff is available for godown / warehouse management.

10. Selection Criteria for APMCs for godown program: The APMCs for godown program have been shortlisted on the basis of the following criteria.

i)   APMC has the godown of at least 200 Mt capacity.

ii)  APMC  yard  where  godown  is selected  is in the catchment  area of the MSWC  godown.

APMCs selected for modernization under MACP have been given preference. iii) APMC godown is accessible by all weather road.

iv) APMC has the experience of pledge financing has been given preference.

A total of 40 APMCs have been shortlisted  on the basis of above criteria.  However,  the list of APMCs identified is tentative and the final selection of APMCs will depend on (i) Willingness of APMC to participate in the programme, (ii) APMC is generating surplus, (iii) APMC should obtain license under the Maharashtra Warehousing Corporation Act for carrying out the activity of warehousing, (iv) APMC should have tie up with Spot Exchange.

V. Activities to be financed

A. MSWC godowns :-

11. The project will provide support to upgrade facilities in 40 MSWC warehouses. Investments financed will include repair of godowns, setting up of commodity testing laboratories, purchase of  computers,  commodity  exchange  ticker  displays,  and  electronic  weighing  machines.  In addition to the investments made in the warehouses, the project will also finance costs involved in  networking  the  40