B1.4 Introducing E-marketing Platforms

it is envisaged that traders would subscribe to the service and the cess income would cover the private management costs as well as provide an income stream for the State Government.  The business case for the operation  of e-trade facility will be monitored by the ABPF, lessons learnt and best practices will form the core of a training course for future e-traders.

11. It is envisaged that 294 locations in Maharashtra will be identified for Virtual Market piloting. These locations may be within the APMC yard or out side APMC yard. The private player will be selected.  PIU MSAMB will give an advertisement in the newspaper for selection of private player. The private player should obtain license of e-trading from Director of Marketing as per The Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) Rules, 1967. Training about virtual market will be given to the license holders of e-trading by the SP. The estimated cost for providing computers and peripherals would be Rs.294.00 Lakhs @ Rs.1 Lakh per location. APMC / MSAMB will lease out this facility to the e-trading license holder who will register buyers, sellers and undertake e-trading of agricultural commodities.  Charges for registration  can  be  taken  from  buyers  and  farmers  /  sellers.  As  per  the  provisions  of  the Agriculture Produce Marketing (Development & Regulation) Rules, 1967, the e-trading licence holder will collect 1% cess, which will be shared  as 75% by APMC and 25% by e-trading license holder. In addition 0.05% will be collected from buyers by e-trading license holder and will be paid to the State Govt. as supervision charges.

12.  Virtual  market  can  be  operated  with  one  computer,  broad  band  Internet  facility,  UPS  and software which will be provided under the project. DDRCS will procure these equipments for the locations  in the districts and will be provided to e trading license holder selected on the terms and conditions