B1.4 Introducing E-marketing Platforms

which will be decided on the basis of recommendations of SP. The maintenance will be the responsibility of the e-trading license holder. After 5 years period the license  holder  will  have  to  have  his/her    own  equipment,  if  he/she  wants  to  continue  his business. As the MSAMB is providing e-trading platform services to e-trading license holders, MSAMB will charge nominal membership to be paid every year. The norms of the membership charges will be worked out by the SP. The license holders, who do not require equipment under the project, can avail membership of MSAMB platform on payment of their charges.

VI. Estimated expenditure items:

13. The various expenditure items under this sub-component are as follows.

Sr. No.



Feasibility study


Design, development, pilot testing & training


Necessary hardware, softwares, network items, leased line


Providing HW & SW to APMCs

VII. Institutional and implementation arrangements

14. The PIU MSAMB shall be the implementing agency for carrying out the assessment study and feasibility of this sub-component. An SP will be selected for carrying out the pre-defined tasks viz. Feasibility study and Pilot testing of the model developed. The roll out of the program in 294 selected locations will also involve providing the required HW & SW to these locations. The concerned DDRCS shall be the field level officer involved in the implementation.

15. The service provider for feasibility study and pilot testing will be selected by PIU MSAMB by following WB procedure.

16. The procurement as per the WB norms of HW & SW for 294 locations shall be done by District Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies for the locations in the concerned district. The procurement  training  will  be  given  by  the  Procurement  Training  Consultant  to  all  the concerned.

VIII. Funds flow

17. The budget shall be sanctioned by the Planning