B1.4 Introducing E-marketing Platforms

and Finance Department, GOM and the budget provision will be made to the Dept. of Cooperation and Marketing through BDS (electronic funds transfer  system).  Director  of Marketing  will release  funds to  PIU MSAMB  for  pilot testing and hardware and software to be procured at MSAMB. The funds for hardware and software of 294 locations will be released to DDRCS by BDS who will draw the funds from respective treasuries and make the payment to the suppliers.

IX. Governance Risks and Mitigation Measures

18. The risks and their mitigation are given below -

Sr. No.



Risk Mitigation Measures


Technical/ Design

Networking for e-trading is a new concept that will be implemented in the Project.

Feasibility study by an expert SP to develop suitable model, and testing of the same.


Implementation capacity and sustainability

Farmers, traders and Staff involved in Management are new to the technology and concept.

Training and capacity building of all concerned.




Scope for improving Accounting systems, Delay in Audit, Irregular follow up for improvement.

Full time account staff at the beneficiary level and also at district, PIU and PCU. Regular internal and external audit, MIS and M&E.




(i) Procurement as per WB guidelines including E-tendering, (ii) Grievance Redressal System.


Social and environment safeguards

Small & marginal farmers may not get access to the system because of their small volume.

(i) FCSCs will serve as aggregating centers of small and marginal farmers’ produce.


Other ( for example project specific corruption risk, ownership of project / program, prevalence of failure in similar projects)


(i) Computer Terminals are leased to licensed operators for e-trading and will be regulated by the conditions of license by DoM.

XI. Sustainability

19. The following measures will ensure sustainability of this program.

i)      An  expert  SP  shall  be  appointed  following  the