B2.2 Upgrading Livestock Yards

I. Objectives:

1.    The farmers for their income heavily depend upon draft animals for agricultural operations as well as they depend on the milch animals for allied agricultural activity. Thus live stock market yards and small ruminant  markets are important  for acquisition  and maintaining  an income generating herd. It is therefore pertinent to provide in the live stock markets adequate facilities for farmers.

2.    Majority  of  the  Live  Stock  Markets  (LSM)  suffer  from  infrastructural  constraints   like unavailability of auction sheds for animals,  weighing machines,  milking machines,  drinking water facility for human and animals, waste disposal arrangements. Most of the infrastructure required in LSM is basic in nature and non-productive. The income of these APMCs is only b y way of cess. Therefore, APMCs do not get the loan easily from the commercial banks for such development. Many a times, personal guarantee of the directors of the committee is demanded by the banks for the loans of APMCs which is not agreed to by the directors.

3.   The APMCs will not normally invest for developing auction shed for animals, tree grove or providing  milking  machines.  Therefore,  support  from  the  Project  for such  activities  would encourage the APMCs having cattle market to undertake such activities and will act as push factor.

4.   The demand of meat animals for metro-cities like Mumbai and the external trade would need organized  market  outlets  performing  sale  by weight.  Organized  trade  in  live meat  animals though not popular yet in Maharashtra, has a great potential to lead to bulk trade / export trade and therefore could result into far better returns to the farmers. With these objectives in view, it is proposed to modernize 20 LSM and 4 Small Ruminant Market yards (SR Markets) out of 196 LSM in the State.

 II. Outcome and Output Monitoring Indicators:

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