C. 2 Environment and Social Management

 proposed  in the report  to address management of solid / organic wastes.

v.  Better  access  to  markets  could  drive  on farm  practices  that  increase  yields  resulting  in increased  use  of  fertilizers  and  pesticides.  An  Integrated  Nutrient  /  Pest  Management (INPM) strategy has been developed for the project and included as part of ESMF.

vi. Opportunities exist to enhance the positive environmental impacts by using alternative and environmentally friendly materials and approaches for conservation of natural resources.

b)   Social:

i.   Project interventions do not create issues related to physical displacement and consequently involuntary  resettlement.  For  the  first  year  sub-project  sites  covered  under  IESA,  the required land is mostly public land (held with line departments / local government or community bodies) and acquisition of private land is not envisaged for the proposed project interventions. However, for any unanticipated adverse impacts measures have been defined in the report for dealing with the Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) issues.

ii.  The project interventions  do not result in any adverse impact on the local communities.However,   the   proposed   environmental   and   social   management   framework   includes measures to help the local population (particularly the vulnerable among them) to access project benefits.

iii. Positive indirect effect on health and education status among primary stakeholders has been brought out in the study.

iv. The project interventions will have positive impacts in terms of the increased accessibility to the market infrastructure and marketing facilities.

Environmental  and  Social Management Framework (ESMF)

3.   The  ESMF  is developed  to  incorporate  environmental  and  social  safeguards  into  the  main project planning, execution and operation. It will be applied to all the sub-projects in different stages of the project cycle. The framework has been suggested considering three broad stages of project cycle viz. project preparation, project implementation and project operation. The ESMF also incorporates key issues pertaining to gender equity, tribal development, capability building and institutional arrangement.