C. 2 Environment and Social Management

from the stakeholders on their support and participation in the project

3.    Finalized sub-project and detailed implementation plan



ESMF Activities



·  Ensure participation of women, SC/ST and small and

marginalized farmers beside supply chain participants like traders, transporters etc. Incorporate the suggestions

Preparation of Sub Project Plan: The plan should include details on the following components:

·  Selected site and overview of project benefits and activities. This should include copy of title of the land

·  Detailed plan for inclusion of women, small and marginal farmers and SC/STs of the area in the various stages of the project activities.

·  Capability building plan for skill up-gradation and capacities of the farmers collective (PG)













Imp- lem- enta- tion

Award of contracts:

·  Procurement documents, procedures followed, contracts awarded & equipment procured

Work Execution and Supervision:

·  Periodic monitoring to ascertain adherence of ESMF especially in conservation of flora and fauna, appropriate measures for waste disposals and construction debris

·  Ensure employment of local people for construction related


·  Ensure measures/linkages for spread of communicable disease. Establish linkages with local NGO having expertise in HIV prevention and control

Quality Control:

· Ensure monitoring of day to day work through involving members of producer company/farmers collective and regular visit to the

site by members of line departments

· Progress report and discussion on the site specific issues on a monthly basis

1.  Implementation and

monitoring of social and environmental management plans


2.  Enhanced relationship among the officials of line departments and producer company members resulting in active participation in the sub-project implementation

3. Report of the results of social