C. 2 Environment and Social Management

and environmental mitigation measures.

This should include record of information like compensation paid, trees fell/planted during implementation, employment provided to SC/ST, women etc












Ope- rati- on

Strengthening Producer company and inclusion of disadvantaged


·  Ensure representation of all section of societies in the executive committee

·  Execution of capability building plan to upgrade the skills of various stakeholders

·  Ensure operationalization of menu of services including graded

service charges for disadvantaged sections, women, small and marginal farmers

·  Undertake periodic group strength assessment to assess the functioning and capability building needs of the group

Solid Waste disposal and maintaining hygiene of the area:

· Build linkages with organizations/companies that can reuse the wastes generated out of operations

· Assess the efficiency of the waste disposal system and ensure separation of degradable and non degradable waste

· Ensure proper maintenance and utilization of water harvested through rain water harvesting systems

Monitoring and Evaluation:

· Monitor key social and environmental indicators during the course of operation.

· Document key learning’s and incorporate the same for future sub- projects

·      Report on the assessment of the

farmers collective (PG) / producer companies

·      Report on the skill building programs

·      Practices on waste disposal in place resulting in clean and hygienic

environment at the site

·      Completion of sub project activities in

conformity with


iv.   The various components of ESMF are:

  •     Resettlement and rehabilitation (R&R) policy framework
  •     Gender development strategy
  •     Tribal development strategy
  •     Integrated Soil / Nutrient / Pest Management
  •     Training and capacity building
  •     Conflict resolution
  •     Institutional arrangement

4.   R&R framework: The following guiding principles will be adopted by the project to address any R&R issue arising under