C. 2 Environment and Social Management

the project

a)   The project does not envisage acquisition of any private land, however, if any exigencies arise, compensation will be at replacement value.

b)  Encroachers not affected by the project will not be disturbed and those adversely affected will get support under the project to mitigate the losses.

c)   All efforts will be made to encourage encroachers to voluntarily surrender encroached lands (required for project interventions) but nobody will be forced out.

d)  The affected communities will be consulted in planning and implementing R& R activities. e)   All those  displaced  will be  socially and  economically  integrated  with the  local or  host population. Adequate  resources  including  physical,  financial,  and  human  will be made  available  to implement R & R activities under the project.

f)  Common  pool  resources,  if  affected,  shall  be  replaced  in  consultation  with  the  local community, especially keeping in mind the needs of the poor, and the vulnerable sections of the community.

i.  R&R  entitlement  framework:   The  R&R  entitlement  framework  to  support  the  project affected families is presented in the Table below

Type of  Impact

Unit of entitlement


1.           Loss of

Agricultural land with valid title/ customary or usufruct rights






(ii) tenants, share croppers and lease holders

(iii) encroachers


family and tribal with customary rights










The affected families will have option to choose any one from the following.

Option 1: Cash compensation as fixed by LA authorities + alternate land at occupancy price fixed by Govt.  The extent of land to be allotted will be as per the Part III* of the Schedule of MPAPR Act 2001 + Registration charges. Option 2: Cash compensation as fixed by LA authorities +    Rehabilitation assistance equal to minimum agricultural wages of