C. 2 Environment and Social Management

 (a) 750 days for families losing entire land, (b) 500 days for families losing part land and becoming marginal farmer and (c) 375 days for families losing part land and after loss becoming small farmers.

Option 3: Cash compensation as fixed by LA authorities + Option for IGA of equivalent amount for regular income.

Reimbursement for unexpired lease



These families are not eligible for any compensation. However, vulnerable

2. Loss of any

other immobile asset



Cash compensation as fixed by authorities

Table: Entitlement Framework for the Economic Rehabilitation of PAFs

3. Loss of access to Common Property Resources/ facilities

a.  Rural common

property resources

b. Civic amenities




Replacement/augmentation of common property resources


Replacement/access to equivalent amenities/services

4. Loss of

standing crops/trees

a.  With valid title b. Tenant/lessee


Family cultivating land


For either category, only the cultivator will get   compensation at market rate for  crops and fruit bearing trees

Note: The relevant pages of Maharashtra Project Affected Persons Resettlement Act are scanned and presented in Appendix N of IESA report.

5.   Gender Development  and Strategy:  The focus group discussions  with women groups and stakeholders consultation held in different project locations helped to identify gender issues that are relevant to the proposed project and to formulate measures to enhance their participation and access to project benefits along with others. Key observations from these discussions are:

  •     Low / less participation in any development program.
  •    Women  play significant  role  in agriculture  and  other  related  activities,  however these are not recognized by communities.
  •   Ownership of agricultural land is generally in the name of men.
  •    Women  cultivators  have  problems  in  accessing  markets  particularly  because  of social and economic constraints in reaching nearby