C. 2 Environment and Social Management

  • markets.
  •  Wages to women are generally underpaid and are not at par with male workers for the same type of work.

While it is unrealistic to expect that the project will address all issues and concerns of women, a right approach  would be to focus on specific  issues  that could  address  those that are most relevant to the project outcome. Following this approach, the gender development strategy of the project includes specific activities including identifying infrastructure needs and facilities for women members at the market, working with women Self Help Groups (SHG) and helping them  to  actively  participate  in  the  project  activities.  The  proposed   gender  development strategy is given below.

Gender Development Strategy






Identify gender

concerns/issues in relation

to the project activities through PRA exercises

· List issues and prioritize

· Special attention should be made to identify infrastructure needs and facilities for women members at the market

· Identify issues that could be addressed under the project

Inform about the project

activities and benefits

· Organize women stakeholders meeting

· No. of consultations

· Minutes of the meetings signed by participants.

· Feedback from these consultations

Sensitize other

stakeholders on gender concerns/issues

· Organize workshops on gender sensitization

· No. of meetings held

· No. of participants







Identify key areas of

constraints that impact women’s involvement in the project

· Organize workshops meetings with women of the sub-project area

· List concerns and constraints


Ensure women

participation in project activities

· Work with women SHG

· Help SHGs to actively participation in the