C. 2 Environment and Social Management

project activities

· Monitor women representation in Market committee

· Record no. of women involved in construction activities

Ensure equal wages for

equal work in all construction related works under the project

· Maintain a Wage register at the site and ensure it is filled on a daily basis.

· Monitor wage payment

· Try involve local SHGs in the construction activities

· Actual wages paid to women

· No. of complaints on wage payment

Ensure no women

harassment under the project

· Constitute an Anti harassment cell comprising of members from Market

committee, PRIs and line departments to address women harassment issues.

· Complaint register to be maintained at the market level and to be checked periodically by the Market Monitoring Committee.

· Ensure quick redressal of women abuse related issues

· No. of meetings of Anti- harassment Cell

· No. of complaints registered

· No. of cases resolved


Ensure women

participation in the working of the market

· Organize training for active participation of women members in the committee

· Ensure that women members attend all meetings of the Market

committee or Producer Company /


· Monitor that women producers get a fair share of their price

Capacity building of

women members and skill up-gradation

· Training calendar to be prepared and accordingly training to be


· No. of trainings undertaken

· Number of women members trained

Employment generation

for women in sub project


· Involve SHGs

· Source out some of the activities to women

· No. of women members employed

· No. of activities undertaken by SHGs

6.   Tribal  Development  and Strategy:    There  are some sub-projects  that are located  in areas predominantly inhabited by tribal. The key issues and concerns related to tribal vis-à-vis the project are summarized below:

  •  Tribal communities  continue  to practice traditional agricultural  practices  and hence little exposure to