C. 2 Environment and Social Management

  • improve agricultural practices and use of farm inputs
  •  Limited exposure to emerging markets
  •  Limited access to institutional credit, farm inputs and agricultural extension services
  • Poor leadership quality and inadequate representation/participation  in the decision-making process

To address these issues, the tribal development strategy of the project, presented below, aims at increasing active participation of tribal and their access to project benefits at par with the rest of the communities.

Tribal Development Strategy



Activities & Outcome


Identify concerns/issues in relation to the project

activities through PRA exercises

·  List  issues

Organize consultation with tribal to inform about

the project activities and benefits

·  Number of consultations held

Identify key areas of constraints that may be

improved through the project and develop detailed plan for tribal development

·     List areas of constraints

·     Number of consultations & signed minutes

·     List of activities specifically targeting tribal development


Ensure participation of tribal in monitoring

·     Representation of members from tribal communities in monitoring committee

Employment to members from tribal community

in carrying out actual construction work

·     Number of tribal employed


Ensure representation of tribal members in

decision making body of the producer company

·   Number of tribal members in the executive


Capability building of tribal members and skill


·   Training calendar to be prepared

·   Number of trainings undertaken

·   Number of tribal members trained

Employment generation for tribal in related sub

project activities

·   Number of women members employed undertaking various activities

Help build linkages with major government

schemes for tribal development particularly skill enhancement and technology up-gradation

·   Number of projects linked in the sub project


7. Integrated Soil / Nutrient / Pest Management: While the project only envisages procurement of limited agricultural chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) for the purpose