C.3 Procurement

1. The implementation of MACP involves the participation of the department's viz. Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Agricultural Marketing. For policy decisions and advice HPC under the chairmanship of Chief Minister of the State has been constituted. Likewise, the Steering Committee headed by the Chief Secretary has also been established. The Principal Secreatar y (Coop. & Mktg.) is the Nodal Officer for the Project. PCU headed by the Project Director and PIUs under the heads of the departments involved in the Project have been created for coordination and implementation of the Project.

2.   During  the  implementation  of  the  project  various  activities  will  be  conducted  by  the concerned Line Departments.  These activities involve procurement in the areas viz. works, goods / equipments, and consultancy services.

3.   All procurements under the MACP to be carried out by PCU, various PIUs and beneficiar y institutions, would be done as per the World Bank’s procurement procedure.

4.   Procurement  of all goods,  works and services  will be carried  out in accordance  with the World Bank’s "Guidelines: Procurement  Under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits" dated May 2004,  revised  October,  2006  (Procurement  Guidelines);  and  "Guidelines:  Selection  and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers" dated May 2004, revised October, 2006 (Consultancy Guidelines) and the agreed procedures described in the Legal Agreements. In case of a discrepancy between the contents of this manual and the provisions of the above Guidelines, the provisions in the Guidelines will prevail.

5.   A Procurement Manual for the project has been prepared stating in detail the procedures to be followed during the procurement of goods, works and services along with the thresholds for each category. The Procurement Manual has been prepared, and will be given to all the PIUs and  beneficiary  institutions  and  all  stakeholders  in  order  to  guide  them  on  issues  of procurement. The Procurement Manual will be translated in Marathi and the Marathi version