Chapter-2 Procurement Process Management and Value Thresholds

& financial) evaluation reports of all services valued above $100,000 per contract. PIU– At PIU level (Agriculture /Animal Husbandry/ MSAMB) the procurement committee will comprise of the (a) Commissioner / Director of the Concerned Line Department (b) concerned technical specialist in the PIU, wherever available  - Member (c) Nodal officer of PIU - Member   (d) A chairperson of beneficiary institution or representative [2] - Member (e)   Accounts Officer, PIU. - Member, (f) Procurement Officer - Member Secretary

                However, for procurement of all the contracts valued above $100,000 per contract, the PIUs (Agriculture /Animal Husbandry/ MSAMB) will invariably obtain prior clearance of the PCU against all the bid documents and the bid evaluation reports for all goods & works and also against the TOR, EOI, short lists, RFPs and technical & combined (technical & financial) evaluation reports, the minutes of negotiations and the draft contract agreement before award of contract.

Community Procurement:-Rural Markets (Haats only):  At HAAT level the procurement committee will comprise of the (a) Sarpanch of the Village Panchayat (Chairperson), (b) District Deputy Register [DDR] or his representative, - Member (c) Two members from Haat Management Committee-Member (d) Representative of concerned Service Provider (design supervision consultant) for Rural Haats- Member (e) Village Development Officer [VDO] Panchayat - Member Secretary.

                The Haat level market committee will undertake procurement of civil works upto US $ 50,000 [3]- and of goods upto US $ 20,000 only. In case Haats, a higher limit of US$ 100,000 is allowed following Local Bidding Procedures.

Procurement Committee of Farmers Common Service Centre (FCSC) - Procurement at FCSC will be Community Procurement. The committee will comprise of (a) Chairman/President of the FCSC - Chairperson, (b) Three Members of the elected management Committee of the FCSC. - Member, (c) ARCS of the concerned Taluka - Member, (d) Manager of the FCSC- Member Secretary.