Chapter 5: Roles and Responsibilities and Contract Management Information

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities of various project implementation entities and personnel are detailed in subsequent sections.

1) PCU: The state PCU will be responsible for the overall procurement planning,  implementation, procurement oversight and supervision   and responsible for meeting project’s compliance with procurement method’s/procedures as agreed between the project and the World Bank. PCU shall have a Procurement Unit with a Procurement Specialist and a Procurement officer reporting to the head to ensure the proper implementation of the World Bank guidelines and procedures mentioned and agreed upon with the Bank.

The Procurement Unit of PCU will procure the goods, services and works for the project planned at the state level and will have prior and post review responsibilities beyond certain ceilings at the PIU level. Its key activities include:

  • Preparation and updating, as required, the procurement manual based on World Bank guidelines for implementation of the project.
  • Consolidate, Review and approve all procurement plans of all the PIUs and procurement recommendations  of PIU established in all the line departments.  Support PIUs in undertaking large value procurements.
  • Procure the goods, services and works required at PCU level.
  • Train the PIUs and other staff in procurement with due diligence. Build the procurement capacity at all levels.
  • Guide and monitor the process of procurement in PIUs and Community Procurement
  • Prior review and clear bid documents and bid evaluation reports for all goods and works procurement planned by PIUs valued above $100,000 per transaction within 7 days of receipt
  • Prior review and clear, short lists, RFPs and technical and commercial evaluation reports of all services planned by institutions valued above $100,000 per transaction within 7 days of receipt
  • Prepare Unit Cost data Base and Item banks detailing & tender specification, names of respected manufacturers, indicative range of machinery / equipment etc..
  • Undertake or commission and manage yearly post review of at least 10% of contracts