Chapter III - Policy and Legal Framework

from the market. Proper measures as per the requirement of the Act will have to be incorporated.
Air (prevention of pollution) Act The Central Board has set national ambient air standards, enforces auto emissions standards, and the Central Board and state board are empowered to enforce them. Applicable
The project may make investments in dairy plants, construction of infrastructure which can result in air pollution, and their clearance may be required by the project.
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) The process of environment clearance is applicable to two categories of projects – the development projects notified as ecologically sensitive/fragile areas under the EPA and the projects in Schedule 1 of EIA Notification. The MoEF, scrutinizes the projects on the basis of EIA reports submitted by the project proponents. The proponents have to obtain site clearance for site specific new projects like mining, pit head, thermal power stations, hydropower and major irrigation projects, ports and harbours and prospecting and exploration of major minerals in areas above 500 ha in extent. Not Applicable
The project is not investing in activities that require standalone EIA; nonetheless, the existing procedure for obtaining the environmental clearance on development projects is depicted in Figure 1.
Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Notification 2008
(earlier known as Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification of 1991)
A regulatory framework that holds implications for project implementation in coastal areas. It is the principle legislation governing development activities and land use along India’s coasts in the area falling within 500 meters of the high tide line and in the inter-tidal zone. Under the notification, all areas within this zone are to be classified as CRZ I (i), I (ii), II, III or IV based on geomorphology and various other criteria, including ecological significance, existing developments and other features. Applicable
The CRZ notification is relevant for the project, specifically to the proposed aquamart in Palghar of Thane