Chapter III - Policy and Legal Framework

district. The CZM does not apply to other project investments.
Hazardous/Biomedical Waste Management, Handling and Disposal Rules   Applicable
Vaccination programs and livestock health improvement investments may attract provisions of these rules
II Other Relevant Acts/Rules/Policies
The Seed Act 1966; Seed Rules 1968; Seeds (Control) Order 1983; Insecticide Act 1968; Insecticide Rules 1971; Insecticide (Control) Order 1985; Fertilizer Control Order 1985; Fertilizer Movement Control Order 1973; Essential Commodities Act (Amended - 1986) The GOI has notified various Acts for the control and prevention of pollution due to pesticides and fertilizers. Applicable
As project investments are finalized, provisions of some of these would be relevant


3.2.2   Social Acts and policies:
Various Acts and policies of both the central government as well as the Government of Maharashtra like, National policy on tribal development, Gender policy of national commission of women, Child Labour Act will come into play during the implementation of the project. The following Table summarizes the relevance of these on the project.  

Act/Rule/Policy Brief introduction of the Act/Rule/Policy Relevance to the Project
II Social acts and policies
National Policy on Resettlement and Rehabilitation (NPRR) of Project Affected Families - 2004 The is a broad guideline to provide executive instructions and is applicable to projects displacing 500 families or more enmasse in plain areas and 250 families enmasse in hilly areas, Desert Development Program (DDP) blocks, areas mentioned in Schedule V and Schedule VI of the Constitution. This policy ensures that the benefits reach the Project Affected Families, especially resource poor sections including SCs/STs and those below poverty level. Though this policy is Not applicable since the Project is not going to displace any person, however there could some economic displacement. As per the Bank’s requirement, even if a single person is displaced or adversely affected (irrespective of the ownership of land lost) support should be extended to restore the