Chapter III - Policy and Legal Framework

loss of livelihood.
Maharashtra Project Affected Persons Rehabilitation Act, 2001 This Act extends to all development projects in the State of Maharashtra. The Act provides for resettlement package to be given to the project affected persons and their resettlement. Though for the first year activities, this Act is Not applicable, this might become applicable if in future any project interventions might result in displacement, either physical or economical or both.
National Policy on Tribal Development – 1999 The policy seeks to bring scheduled tribes into the mainstream of society through a multi-pronged approach for their all-round development without disturbing their distinct culture.
The need is to ensure that tribal communities  participate in the project activities and there are no adverse impacts on local tribal groups.
Tribal development sub plan The State has been divided into 24 Tribal sub-plan areas to ensure that there is al round development of tribal communities and they benefit from the development projects. Applicable
The project intends to invest in upgrading agriculture marketing infrastructure in different districts. There is a need for working with the Tribal Development Department to ensure project benefits are accessed by the tribal communities.
Gender Policy – National commission of women (1990) and National policy for the Empowerment of Women (2001) These are intended to create a positive environment for the overall development of women and safeguard the rights and legal entitlements of women Applicable
As women constitute an important project beneficiary group. The project needs to ensure participation of women and strengthening their role in the project.
Similarly in the wage employment under the project, equal opportunity for women needs to be provided
Maharashtra state women policy 2002 In line with the national policy, this policy aims at ensuring visibility to women in all spheres by strengthening their role, increasing self-confidence and empowering women. There is a State level Commission to