Chapter III - Policy and Legal Framework

management of existing market structures besides safeguarding the interest of farmers. It also provides for establishing Private Markets/yards, Direct Purchase Centers and Consumer/Farmers Markets for direct sale and promotion of Public Private Partnership. It prohibits involvement of commission agency in any transaction of agricultural commodities with the producers. It redefines the role of present Agricultural Produce Market Committee and role of State Agricultural Marketing Boards. The salient feature of the Model APMC Act 2003 is in Appendix D. Applicable
The model APMC Act is very relevant for the project as the project operation would be governed by it.
Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing (regulation) (Amendment) Act 2005 Based on the model APMC Act, Maharashtra State Government made amendments to the existing APMC Act titled Maharashtra Agricultural Produce Marketing (regulation) (Amendment) Act 2005. The Act stipulates granting licenses for direct marketing or establishing private markets for: a) processing of agricultural produce; b) trade for specific produce; c) export of the produce; and d) grading, packing and transactions in any other way for value addition of the produce. It also provides for representatives from Agriculturists, Traders, State Agricultural Board and ‘Hammals’ and weigh men in RMCs. Applicable
This provides the basis for the current project operations.

Based on the review of project proposal and the PIP of the MSAMB, it is clear that the project is in line with the model APMC Act.

3.3  World Bank Safeguard policies
Various World Bank safeguard policies and their implications are summarized in the following Table.  

Relevance to the Project
Assessment (BP/OP 4.01)

Project includes activities for construction, repair, and upgrading (where necessary) of market infrastructure, connecting roads/paths, footbridges etc which may have some environmental implications. Applicable
Forestry (OP 4.36)
None of the identified project sites fall with in forest range or have any direct impact on forest