Chapter III - Policy and Legal Framework

lands. Not applicable
Pest Management (OP 4.09)
Project involves demonstration of best-practices for on-farm productivity improvement; diversification and intensification of production may happen in future course due to improved access to markets and may increase use of agrochemicals especially pesticides. Applicable
Indigenous Peoples (OD

While Indigenous people (tribal communities in Indian context) will not get adversely affected by project interventions, often they get left out of the development process. This essentially requires a strategy on inclusion of tribal communities in project activities and helping them access project benefits.  Applicable
Natural Habitat (OP 4.04) The project is not likely to support/finance any activity that would entail significant conversion, loss or degradation of natural habitats (directly or indirectly). Not applicable
Involuntary Resettlement
(OP 4.12)
Though presently no land acquisition or physical displacement are likely to result from any specific subproject areas proposed under the project, however, these are not totally ruled out. Applicable

Physical and Cultural Properties (OPN 11.03) There is no risk of project activities damaging physical and/or cultural properties
Not applicable
Safety of Dams (OP/BP 4.37) The project also does not envisage construction of any new dam. Not applicable
Projects in Disputed Areas
(OP/BP/GP 7.60)
There are no disputed areas within the project area.
Not applicable
Projects on International
Waterways (OP/BP/GP 7.50)
There are no international waterways in the project area.
Not applicable


3.4 Gaps in existing policy framework and strategies to address these
A review of the existing social and environmental policy framework reveals a need for strengthening the social and environmental safeguards under the proposed project. The following are the specific issues that need attention in this regard:

Capacity of concerned project staff (and relevant line departments) need to be developed and provided support in implementing and monitoring social and environmental management activities